Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Soul Affirmations Fabric Journal....

Once again The Queen's Ink in Savage Mill, Maryland provided the perfect gathering space for like-minded souls to meet and express their artistic abilities. Negative self-talk flew out the window and positive energy filled the room as we began to create a new language for ourselves that poured out onto soft fabric journals in the form of affirmations. Each journal was a unique expression of words, phrases and objects that resonated with each participant. The nostalgic act of sewing bits of personal ephemera felt grounding as we planted new seeds of thought that nourish the soul. This class truly touched everyone's heart and is for anyone looking for positive growth both artistically and spiritually.

Please join us on May 17th at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, Virginia for our next workshop. By the way, no sewing experience necessary!  

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 is Your Year for CREATIVITY!

Who will be the special someone to receive this unique Valentine gift?

Adorn two Mason jars with vintage-style imagery and Valentine themed embellishments. Join ShaDeeLa at The Queen’s Ink on February 7th from 6-9 pm to create this memorable gift that you can fill to the brim with delight! Visit our Workshop Schedule page for additional details.

Realign Your Thoughts through Creativity
Uncap repetitive inner dialogue that hinders your happiness and self-expression as you create your Soul Affirmations Fabric Journal. ShaDeeLa will guide you through the steps of recognizing the power of positive thoughts and self-nurturing awareness.
We encourage you to bring along any iconic charms, pieces of jewelry, fabrics and threads to embellish and personalize your fabric journal. Visit the required supply list on our Workshop Schedule page so you can gear up!

The dates for this incredible workshop are:
-February 8th at The Queen’s Ink, Savage, Maryland
-March 8th at The Old Firehouse in Snow Hill, Maryland 
-March 22nd at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, Virginia

Saturday, October 26, 2013

You are invited....

ShaDeeLa Creative Workshops invites you to the 4th Annual Craft Show located at the “Old” Firehouse on Green Street in Snow Hill, Maryland.

A beautiful selection of unique handcrafted items created by local artisans will be for sale – just in time for your holiday gift shopping.

Explore the quaint town of Snow Hill that is steeped in history and tradition as you sample its fabulous food, great shopping, art galleries and fun activities.

The ShaDeeLa ladies will be there to tell you about their creative art workshops they have planned for 2014.

The Fair opens on “First Friday” night from 5:30-8pm and on Saturday from 10am-3pm. You won’t want to miss this! See you there!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

...and they DID IT!

September's "I Can Do It" Workshop at Queen's Ink in Savage, Maryland gave us confirmation that artistic talent abounds in the hearts of those who BELIEVE. Students completed two small warm up paintings using a "negative space" technique and then moved on to a larger 16" x 20" still life painting of sunflowers. It was a fast moving class specifically designed to urge students to work spontaneously and not dwell on expectations. The results were phenomenal! Everyone left with three "ready to hang" paintings and a renewed feeling of confidence.  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Take a look...

at the incredible shadowboxes SDL students and awesome artists, Mary Ellen and Becky, created after taking the SDL Shadowbox Workshop in May. 

Mary Ellen and Becky develop depth and wonderment in their projects by creatively using paper, words, found treasures and hand crafted embellishments. Each individual section stands on its own, but together it weaves an elaborate story. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vintage Glass Bottles Repurposed as Works of Art

Whenever we come across an empty glass bottle or a broken piece of jewelry, old or new – it is difficult for us to throw it away. There are endless ways to renew, embellish and display them.

Twice during the past two months ShaDeeLa had the privilege of teaching “Bottled Curiosities” Workshops at The Queen’s Ink in Savage Mill, Maryland. Some of the techniques that were taught included, how to search for antique bottles, the application of embellishments and our signature antiquing secrets.

Amazing creativity and passion were expressed in each of the artists completed bottles. We were enlightened by the amount of originality that surfaced in these workshops.

Join us for our upcoming “Bottled Curiosities” Workshops at The Serenity Shoppe in Snow Hill, Maryland on August 24th and at The Queen’s Ink in Savage Mill, Maryland in October (dates to be announced).
Visit our Facebook page to see what innovative artists of all skill levels can create.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tiny Treasures...

Saturday's Altered Shadow Box Workshop proved to be an interesting peek into people's lives as objects and the stories behind them were shared and observed. 

Students brought in their tiny treasures, along with donations for the “share bowl,” to be thoughtfully placed within the many little niches of their box. Layering, distressing, design and depth of field were just a few of the techniques demonstrated. 

It was fascinating to see and hear the stories develop as each Shadow Box came to life. As always, in true ShaDeeLa style, we laughed, had fun and realized that it's the "small" things that count and everyone has their story to tell. 

After all, "One man's trash is another man's treasure"......

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